FROZEN by Bryony Lavery

By ISIS Productions (other events)

16 Dates Through Apr 01, 2018

Ten-year-old, Rhona is sent to her Grandma’s to deliver much needed garden sheers. She never returns. Her mother, Nancy, remains in a frozen state for 20 years. She is hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, at the same time, Agneatha, an American psychologist who has devoted her life to studying sociopathic serial killers, is travelling to England to interview Ralph, the convicted killer of Rhona. Ingrid, Nancy’s oldest daughter, convinces Nancy she cannot go forward unless she forgives Ralph, and the consequences of the forgiveness are surprising. What makes a sociopathic serial killer? Why does humanizing the kill change the killer?


Inspired by actual events, Frozen is a intriguing and emotionally engaging study into the minds of those destroyed by traumatic events.   Frozen won a British Best new play award and was nominated for a 2004 Tony Award for Best Play.