Amy's View

By ISIS Productions (other events)

16 Dates Through Mar 27, 2011
Amy's View

It is1979. Esme Allen is a well-known West End actress at just the moment when the West End is ceasing to offer actors a regular way of life. The visit of her daughter, Amy, with a new boyfriend, Dominic, sets in train a series of events which only find their shape sixteen years later.

Over the course of these sixteen years, “a running argument about the respective virtues of traditional theater and the media arts weaves its way through espoused opinions on marriage, love, fame, fidelity, betrayal, personal and artistic integrity, and the sometimes elusive ethics of the corporate world, among other things.”

Amy's View is a rich drama of one family's search for connection and
love. Covering almost twenty years, three generations engage in a
vibrant debate about tradition, the arts and ultimately the meaning of
their lives together.

Two lines in Act II sum up a little of what the play is about:

Frank - "why do people persist with these rituals - these things that
you say are a sham?"

Esme - "because they know no alternative"